Rock Removal by Blasting Notification

Rock Removal by Blasting Notification

Works are proceeding on the project with significant progress being made in Ballyveerane and Kilnagurteen since the return to work in May.

The contractor is about to commence rock removal by controlled blasting in Kilnagurteen, beginning on Tuesday 21st July 2020 and continuing for a number of weeks. The controlled blasting operation is being carried out in close co-operation with the Garda authorities and in accordance with HSA guidelines.

The public will not have access to the area of the works site for safety reasons. All necessary safety precautions will be taken in conjunction with the controlled blasting, including the provision of an exclusion cordon from which all persons will be excluded during controlled blasting operations. It is envisaged that not more than a single blast will take place each day.

Warning Signals before blasting:

  • 15mins – 1 long horn signal
  • 5 mins – 3 long horn signals
  • 1min – Series of short horn signals
  • All Clear – 1 prolonged horn signal

All Health/Safety and Environmental controls will be in place during the controlled blasting.

If there are changes to the programme of controlled blasting, a further information note will be issued.

If you have any queries on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact the project office at 087-4581555 or by email to

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